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    I have a deep passion for learning, and I believe that we all should, in some way, contribute to a better world. While I was a research chemist in a former life, then a mom, educator, program developer, and volunteer, I have always been a people lover and an active participant of every community I have lived in.
    A Southerner by choice, I love this area for its beautiful location, lifestyle, diversity and creative energy. I consider it my professional contribution to a better World to match people to the homes of their dreams, and I love the process of learning each client's needs in order to provide them a pleasant and rewarding experience real estate experience.
    I speak several languages, ranging from very well to a little, and I love traveling, kids, cooking and eating, both for nutrition and delight, gardening, music, good wine, creative expression, and getting involved in my community through social, cultural and artistic events.
    Traveling and meeting people of all sorts, in particular, have been and continue to be a great source of learning and inspiration to me, and they have and continue to give me a deeper, more grateful, appreciation of the World and of the meaning of HOME.
    My approach to real estate is based on sound research and efficient communication, access to many real estate resources and marketing, in a friendly, positive way, with real people, and respecting the pace of your life. I strive to provide you with the best, friendliest, most efficient and caring service, personally tailored to your real estate dreams.

    Maria S. Baucom
    Home Advantage Realty, LLC
    2615 Devine Street
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    Phone: 803.771.2424

    Maria S. Baucom

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