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    Safety and Cider

    As we ready for the winter weather expected this weekend, we wanted to share some tips so you can enjoy the snow and a safe, warm house! 
    Today, make every effort to follow these simple tips: 


    • Unscrew your hoses from their faucets
    • Insulate your exposed plumbing to keep your pipes from bursting. Insulating can be as simple as covering your yard spigots and exposed piping with an old towel covered with plastic grocery bags. You can also purchase a styrofoam cover for outdoor spigots as well as insulating wrap at a hardware store. 
    • Clean your gutters. Otherwise you could find yourself with an ice dam and messy leaks.  
    • Open cabinet doors under sinks until temperatures rise. 
    • Leave your faucets on a slow drip so that water keeps flowing through your pipes.
    • Turn off your sprinklers. 




    • Check your wood burning fireplaces if using them to make sure the damper is open. If not using them, you may want to close the damper to keep cold air from entering your home.  
    • Stock flashlights with batteries. 
    • Change the direction of your ceiling fans so they turn clockwise, and push warm air down.
    • Bring in any outdoor pets—they simply must have shelter in extreme weather. 
    • Cover any beloved outdoor plants with sheets. 
    • Buy supplies including extra batteries, matches, nonperishables, bottled water, and firewood.  
    • And of course, whip up some hot chocolate or cider. And if you add a splash of something stronger, we won’t tell. Probably because we’ll be doing it ourselves. You can find Jill’s favorite recipe for a spiced bourbon cider here


    Stay warm, and enjoy the snow! 

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