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Liz Sullivan attended the Honor College of University of Georgia where she graduated CumLaude with honors and earned a BA in marketing. Liz worked in several different industries including Eastman Kodak, Pfizer, and Tiffany and Company before obtaining her real estate license in 1996 and later, her brokers license. Married to her husband Dan for 24 years, Liz enjoys spending time with her sons William and George, playing in tennis tournaments, and paddle boarding in the ocean. Liz says, "Home Advantage Realty is my work home of choice because we all work together as a team, and our goals are not financially motivated. Our motivation is based on serving the public and our clients with integrity and attention to their best interests. I love my HAR peeps!”


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Property Adress

List Price

  • 238 Shuler Road, Columbia $1,300,000
  • 3615 Overcreek Road, Columbia $1,000,000
  • 3501 Overcreek Road, Columbia $970,000
  • 1115 Enclave Way, Columbia $957,000
  • 104 Dunleith Way, Irmo $840,000
  • 2601 Wheat Street, Columbia $705,000
  • 252 Southlake Road, Columbia $690,000
  • 6515 Eastshore Road, Columbia $675,000
  • 12 Lakecrest Drive, Columbia $665,000
  • 208 Beaver Dam Road, Columbia $665,000
  • 2140 Amicks Ferry Road, Chapin $640,000
  • 163 Windsor Park Drive, Lexington $626,800
  • 106 Alexander Circle, Columbia $596,000
  • 1516 Medway Road, Columbia $584,000
  • 843 Camellia Street, Columbia $529,900
  • 2521 Monroe Street, Columbia $527,000
  • 2120 Ludlow Place 321, Chapin $522,463
  • 208 Beaver Dam Rd, Columbia $510,000

Property Adress

List Price

  • 221 S Edisto Avenue, Columbia $500,000
  • 663 Beaver Park Drive, Elgin $495,000
  • 605 Capitol Place, Columbia $475,000
  • 3434 Coleman Street, Columbia $460,000
  • 101 High Pointe Drive, Blythewood $454,000
  • 132 Coxswain Road, Lexington $450,000
  • 2838 Monroe Street, Columbia $446,000
  • 141 Old Hampton Lane, Columbia $445,000
  • 6553 Eastshore Road, Columbia $435,000
  • 106 Gallantry Drive, Irmo $425,500
  • 4156 Sandwood Drive, Columbia $425,000
  • 260 Berry Tree Lane, Columbia $420,000
  • 440 Sterling Brook Drive, Lexington $415,896
  • 1149 Sunnyside Drive, Columbia $411,000
  • 101 High Pointe Drive, Blythewood $407,000
  • 525 Congaree Ave, Columbia $400,000
  • 208 Oak Brook Drive, Columbia $393,000
  • 116 Royal Creek Drive, Lexington $389,500

Property Adress

List Price

  • 36 Shoreline Drive, Columbia $380,000
  • 402 Longtown Road W, Blythewood $353,000
  • 3335 Overcreek Road, Columbia $351,111
  • 6160 Marthas Glenn Road, Columbia $350,000
  • 1800 York Drive, Columbia $345,000
  • 516 Dickson Hill Circle, West Columbia $335,000
  • 6319 Whiteoak Road, Columbia $330,000
  • 3357 Overcreek, Columbia $330,000
  • 3214 Murray Street, Columbia $325,000
  • 1053 Beechfern Circle, Elgin $324,000
  • 1109 Woodrow Street, Columbia $305,000
  • 6462 Bridgewood Road, Columbia $305,000
  • 3439 Overcreek Road, Columbia $303,600
  • 510 King Street, Columbia $299,000
  • 3011 Clark Street, Columbia $280,000
  • 3541 Foxhall Road, Columbia $265,000
  • 372 Northwood Street, Columbia $265,000
  • 16 Lake Court, Columbia $261,300

Property Adress

List Price

  • 501 S Bonham Road, Columbia $259,000
  • 6126 Crabtree Road, Columbia $249,900
  • 3607 Greenway Drive, Forest Acres $249,000
  • 6347 Goldbranch Road, Columbia $240,000
  • 4200 Springhill Road, Columbia $239,000
  • 3101 Gadsden Street, Columbia $233,500
  • 2203 Marion Street, Columbia $229,000
  • 1329 Sunnyside Drive, Columbia $225,000
  • 2614 Mills Drive, Columbia $224,000
  • 3645 Northshore Road, Columbia $219,400
  • 1220 H Avenue, West Columbia $210,000
  • 312 Northwood Street, Columbia $190,000
  • 165 Preston Green Drive, Columbia $170,500
  • 1718 Madison Road 10, Columbia $169,000
  • 4665 Crystal Drive, Columbia $167,500
  • 9 Reynard Court, Irmo $159,500
  • 2845 Superior Street, Columbia $158,050
  • 8 Braiden Manor Road, Columbia $155,000

Property Adress

List Price

  • 3239 Harrison Road, Columbia $140,000
  • 3927 W Buchanan Drive, Columbia $130,000
  • 244 Vallejo Circle, Columbia $100,000

What Our ClientsSay About Liz

Liz Sullivan is the best! She’s one of the kindest, hardest-working people I know. She’s very knowledgeable about the real estate market, buying & selling procedures, local inspectors and contractors to recommend, etc. Liz truly cares for her clients; every conversation and decision is approached with their best interest in mind. Liz has helped our family sell and buy multiple homes over the years and she’ll always be the realtor we trust!

- Chandler G

Liz was the most knowledgeable and hardworking realtor I have ever had the good fortune of working with. She personally handled maintenance issues, negotiated sales price, and closed my property in record time.

- Bill G.

A complete pleasure to work with and a tremendously skilled real estate salesperson. From the initial offer, to the inspections, counter offers and close she was of tremendous value to us. Lots of moves in a 25 yr corporate career and by far the best person we have ever worked with in the industry.

- Keith B

AMAZING realtor in the Columbia area! Liz worked with us multiple times with buying and selling! She is knowledgable, trustworthy and practical! Liz Sullivan is the realtor you want ON YOUR SIDE!!! Highly recommended!!!

- Mary R

I cannot imagine a better experience than I had with Liz - simply put, she is phenomenal! As a seller who was located over 700 miles away from the house he was selling, she seamlessly took the lead and made sure that I not only sold my house (in record time), but I received over asking, and everything that needed to be done prior to the sale was completed at a below-market cost to me. In every endeavor, Liz was 100% on it. She was not only a great agent but a great thought-partner in navigating a world that is unfamiliar to most of us. I would recommend her to everyone who is selling or buying a house - if you can have one person in your corner, it needs to be Liz.

- J.G. LTC (RET)

Unbelievable! Please trust me when I tell you that Liz is at the top of her game. I live in the construction world and have been buying and selling real estate for years. I can only imagine where I would be in that process if Liz would have been my partner all these years. She is just everything when it comes to real estate...her demeanor, her knowledge, her follow through, her connections, everything! She has been instrumental in helping me both personally and through my business. If you can get her, sign with will not regret it!!! And, not to mention she is just such a great person and as an added bonus...she's funny and has a great sense of humor!!! Love her!

- Pam C.

Liz is a wonderful realtor. She was super patient and helpful to us as we tried to navigate our out of state move. We purchased a new construction home. Before and after closing, she and one of her associates helped to make sure that the house was progressing as it should. I highly recommend her as a kind, savvy professional who knows the area and business.

- Erika C.

I cannot emphasize enough how much my wife and I would recommend Liz Sullivan whether you need to buy or sell your home. We utilized her services for both. Liz was highly professional from the beginning. She helped us tour homes that fit our interests. Once we found a home we liked, she was a great sounding board and provided recommendations regarding an initial offer and ongoing negotiations. Liz was also wonderful in finding resources in the community for inspections and repairs. Once it was time to sell our home, she was instrumental in making recommendations with what needed to be repaired (and what did not). Again, she provided us with many resources to utilize that provided quality work for reasonable prices. Once it was time to put the house on the market, she helped guide us with an asking process and through the negotiation process. We received an offer within 48 hours for hour home that was greater than the asking price. The home was sold within two months of it being put on the market. Along the way, there were many conversations dealing with the inevitable stressors of this process. Liz always gave us her time and energy with wisdom and grace. She is also highly ethical. I reiterate that Liz is excellent with all aspects of the process of buying and selling homes.

- Dr. Marc H., 2022

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