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Five Easy Cleaning Tips to Sell Your Home in Columbia SC

First impressions matter. As realtors, we can’t emphasize that enough. There are hundreds of homes for sale in Columbia SC. You want your potential buyer’s first look at yours to be captivating. And while there are many ways to do that, the first one is to make sure they aren’t distracted by a messy or dirty home.


We’ve already written a whole post about this, but we want to say it again: a de-cluttered home is a more spacious home. And spacious homes are more desirable homes that stand out in the Columbia real estate market. You can see our full four steps to a de-cluttered home here.

Finish Up the Odd Jobs

We all have the jobs we’ve been putting off: a leaking shower head, a door slightly off its hinge.
These little things might not seem like much, but all together, they present an image of shabbiness. Spend an afternoon before putting your home on the market making sure that all the little things are taken care of.

Get Rid of Smells

Bad smells and odors can kill a good deal. Pet odors, food smells, and mustiness all take away from the image you are trying to present. Start with investing in a good carpet cleaning service, and cleaning and airing out any plush furniture and curtains. Consider some odor absorbents such as baking soda in your refrigerator or pantry. If you have pets, stock up on Febreze or Arm & Hammer pet deodorizer and lightly spray or sprinkle rugs and upholstery each morning.

Deep Clean

No one likes the deep cleaning process, but we promise: it will increase the value of your home and will make your work easier in the future. Mop the floors, wipe down your baseboards, clean your windows inside and out, shine every surface possible, and make sure to get rid of pet hair. If you can’t take the time to do this yourself, hire a professional! Once this is done, it makes upkeep a breeze. A quick spray and wipe down of counters and mirrors and vacuuming will be all that’s needed to give your home for sale that irresistible fresh-cleaned feel.

Don’t Ignore Your Outdoor Space

When selling your home in Columbia, it’s easy to forget the outdoors, but it’s the first impression that your potential buyers have of your home. Mow and trim the lawn, clean out the gutters and downspouts and make sure the roof is free of limbs and leaves, and clean the windows from the inside and outside. Keep lawn decorations to a minimum and keep plastic kid’s toys corralled.

So there you have it! Five tips to a truly clean and desirable home. Because we don’t want to list your home, we want to sell your home.

We’ll see you at closing.